Why an electric bicycle?
Have fun : Keep up with your partner : Simplicity : No License : No Registration : No Insurance : Ride Beautiful Bike Paths: Saves Your Energy : Choice to Exercise
No Parking Hassles : Keeps You Fit : Faster In Peak Hour : Saves Fuel Costs : Saves Depreciation Costs: Saves Our Eco-System

You can keep your fuel vehicle... you just won’t use it as much.

Why Adelaide Electric Bicycles?

We believe that electric bikes are a fun, fast and easy way to commute. They open up the world of cycling and its many health benefits to people who would normally get around just by car.

Not everyone can ride a regular bike. Many people would love to, but find it impractical or impossible because of hills, distance, health reasons, knee problems, aging, or even the inconvenience of having to shower and change at work.

We believe that Adelaide Electric Bicycles by making biking accessible to more people, can make cycling more mainstream and reduce your transport cost. Did you know It costs on average, over $6,000 per year to drive a car in Australia.